All of our stickers are designed by Caricature/Cartoonist Angel Contreras or Sam (Uncle Button)Tee.

A LITTLE HISTORY It all started with our Smiley Clown Face Classic designed in 1998. From there this design became so popular that we expanded to tee shirts and other products including stickers. For our first run of Smiley Clown Face Classic stickers, we hired Albert the Sticker Man to produce them for us. Since then, we have taken over the reigns of printing our Smiley Clown Classic using state of the art printing. Once the creative juices started flowing, our line of full color stickers was developed. Now our sticker offering includes designs for clowns, magicians, hospital and ministry. We post new sticker designs as they burst from our fertile imaginations. If you have any thoughts as to stickers you would like to see, or if you have an interesting way to use stickers, e-mail us!

All our stickers are printed here in the United States of America!

We truly appreciate customers buying this design of Smiley Clown Face Classic stickers originally created by Angel's Artistic Endeavors, Inc. from us at Art4clowns.com or any of our authorized distributors. Our distributors also offer a large array of top quality clown supplies. You may e-mail us for a complete list of our distributors.

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