Coloring sheets have been a staple for children's entertianers for decades!

It is one of the best and inexpensive ways to promote your performance character. Its also a pleasant and fun reminder of a nice time had sharing laughter with a new friend. Coloring sheets are often placed in the child's room, on the refridgerator after the child has colored it in, making it a lasting promotional piece

Clear reference photos are a must!

These can be sent via email or snail mail. Snap shots are fine, as long as they are clear. Actual photos are returned with the completed order. Please include both a long shot showing the entire costume/body from the top of the head or hat, down to the shoes, and a close up of the face, so that details of the makeup or expression can be captured in the illustration.

Other helpful information you may want to include in an email or note:

  • Is there any signature trick you would like included
  • Something you are known for, or props you use often that you would like in the drawing.
  • A pose you like, even though you are posed differently in your photos.

Angel can also create a pose for you in the illustration.
This is a cartoon - a fantasy - you can be doing most anything, even if it is not physically possible.

Click on the graphic to the right and view the GALLERY. Be inspired. Angel can create your own custom coloring sheet tailored specifially for you! Got ideas? Contact us!